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2018 MacBook Pro THROTTLING? i9 2.9GHz 15″ Maxed Out

Is the MacBook Pro Throttling?

Is the 2018 15″ i9 MacBook Pro throttling its processor because of heat? We took a look at Dave2D’s video (aka Dave Lee) and it appears that his testing may have been a little bit misleading. From our tests we’ve conducted, we’ve found that the 2018 15″ i9 MacBook Pro doesn’t throttle that much, and when it does, it really just needs to have the fans kicked up.


MMA Federation™

MMA Federation™ Coming Soon to iPhone

From AAA to casual – Industry legend Rick Giolito talks about his first casual mobile sports title

Manchester, UK — December 3, 2015  Rick Giolito today speaks about his experience going from AAA console titles to developing his first casual mobile title as Studio Head of 360 Studios, producing its first mobile title, MMA Federation™. Giolito is well known in the games industry for being a legendary Executive Producer and recipient of five AIAS (Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences) Awards, including Sports Game of the Year and the First-Person Shooter of the Year award for Knockout Kings™ and Medal of Honor™.

“I made my career by creating visceral, authentic, cinematic experiences and now I’m taking that same passion to the mobile game space with 360 Studio’s MMA Federation™” says Giolito.  

MMA Federation™ is a real time, Mixed Martial Arts mobile strategy fighting game in which players compete against friends and opponents, world-wide. It includes a deep career mode,  authentic promoter events and global tournaments. Players join real MMA teams from around the world, improve their skills by mastering a multitude of martial arts disciplines and  customize their fighters with genuine MMA gear. In 360 Studios’  quest to create the most authentic MMA game possible, Giolito was reminded of his work on Knockout Kings™ for EA:
“Mixed Martial Arts is similar to Boxing in that there is no governing body,” Giolito explains. “Games based on traditional leagues such as Football, Baseball or Soccer have licensing partners such as the NFL, MLB or FIFA. Typically, these bodies expect  strict simulations of the sport. The lack of a governing body and the game approval rights they hold leaves us free to stretch boundaries in terms of look, feel and gameplay, and allows us to create a game with much broader appeal.  There’s simply more freedom in both style and expression and we take advantage of that with MMA Federation™.”

This freedom allowed Giolito to build on his past experiences and create a fighting game that combines the best of both the AAA and mobile worlds:

“To be honest, I took a hard look at the recipe I used to create EASports’ Knockout Kings™ and updated it to a new platform and new time,” says Giolito. “Mobile games didn’t exist when I made KO Kings but the fundamentals remain the same. Create a highly addictive, easy to play and fun fighting experience. Have an artistic style rooted in authenticity that appeals to gamers outside of the strict simulation seekers. Allow players to go head-to-head in real time and pile on the rewards. This is a AAA game all the way. The quality of the assets and the experience is second to none. I’m so proud of the work we’ve done at 360 Studios.”

MMA Federation™ is made for mobile and tablets and is available for download on Google Play™ and Apple App Store℠ in Canada. The game will be launched in the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland on January 14th.

This looks like it’s going to be a really cool game! Can’t wait to see the final product in January. Stay tuned!


MMA Federation™

MMA Federation™

MMA Federation™

MMA Federation™

iPhone 7

Apple Planning to Release New iPhone in Early 2016, 3GB RAM for iPhone 7 Plus

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities analyst, Apple will be releasing a brand new, 4-inch iPhone in early 2016. This iPhone could slightly resemble the iPhone 5s but would be much improved. This iPhone could be considered a “budget phone”, as Apple will likely be putting the A9 chip into it, rather than the new A10 which will likely be in the iPhone 7. This device is supposedly set to launch sometime in the first half of next year, if the rumors are correct.

As there is still demand for a 4-inch iPhone, we believe Apple will upgrade this product line. Because the iPhone 5s is more popular than the iPhone 5c, we think Apple is likely to launch an upgraded iPhone 5s. We predict Apple will mass-produce this new 4-inch iPhone in 1H16 with metal casings. In order to make the current iOS 9 or next-generation iOS 10 run smoothly, Apple may adopt an A9 chip for this new phone.

Kuo states that this 4-inch iPhone will likely not include 3D Touch support in an effort to keep costs down, and to differentiate it from the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Oh, and this phone will supposedly ship out about 20-30 million units over the course of 2016.

Next up, Kuo expects that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will launch in the usual third quarter of the year, 2016. He believes it will ship with the A10 chip, but what’s different here is that Kuo thinks the iPhone 7 Plus will be favored with 3GB RAM over the iPhone 7 with only 2GB RAM.

TSMC is expected to be the supplier of all of the chips for the new iPhone 7, and the A9 chip in the 4-inch iPhone.

So what do we think?

Kuo has a pretty decent track record for his predictions. He’s often correct, with a few errors here and there. The early 2016 launch of a 4-inch iPhone sounds far-fetched to us. There is definitely a market for a smaller iPhone, but we haven’t seen any leaks as of yet, and it just doesn’t sound “like Apple” to do that type of a launch.

iPhone 7 Plus having 3GB RAM? Yeah, we believe that is definitely a possibility. The reason Apple would do this is because with the bigger display, it’s known to be a little slower than the small models. Even with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, or the 6s and 6s Plus, the non-Plus iPhone always is slightly faster. This is really due to the fact that the Plus models have to push more pixels.

We do believe that TSMC will be the main supplier of the new chips for iPhones in the future thanks to their better battery life in the current iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models.

What do you think? Let us know below.

OS X El Capitan Download

Apple Officially Releases OS X El Capitan

Users can go ahead and begin downloading and installing Apple’s OS X El Capitan (for free) from the Mac App Store. There isn’t a whole lot changed on the surface, but there have been some notable changes. Here’s Apple’s official Mac App Store description of what’s new in OS X El Capitan [Direct Link]:

OS X El Capitan, the latest version of the Mac operating system, builds on the groundbreaking features and beautiful design introduced in OS X Yosemite, refining the experience and improving performance in lots of ways that you’ll enjoy everyday. 
Make the most of your screen with Split View.
• Focus on two apps at once – neatly arranged side by side — in full screen without distractions.

Take control of your desktop with Mission Control.
• View all your open windows in a single layer with no overlap, so you can instantly find that window you’re looking for.
• Create a new desktop space easily by dragging a window to the top of your screen.

Smarter search in Spotlight.
• Search for weather, stocks, sports, web video, and transit information right in Spotlight.
• Use your own words to search for files on your Mac, like “Documents I edited yesterday.”
• Resize the Spotlight window and move it anywhere on the screen.

Handy improvements in Mail.
• Use your trackpad to manage your inbox with a swipe, just like on iPhone. Swipe right to mark as read or unread, or swipe left to delete.
• Mail automatically suggests contacts and events from your messages to help you keep your Contacts and Calendar organized.
• An improved full-screen view lets you switch between your inbox and your draft email messages.

A simple and powerful all-new Notes app.
• Format your notes with titles, paragraph headings, bullets, numbers, and checklists.
• Save rich content like photos, videos, documents, PDFs, web links, and map locations.
• Easily search and browse the content from all your notes in the Attachments Browser.
• Add content to a note directly from other OS X apps using the Share menu.
• Create notes on your Mac and they’ll automatically sync to your iOS devices using iCloud. 

New ways to organize and enhance your images in Photos.
• Photos automatically organizes your library and helps you edit like a pro with simple and powerful editing tools.
• Access your library on all your devices with iCloud Photo Library.
• Add or edit location data, and batch change titles, descriptions, and keywords.
• Sort your albums and the photos in them by date, title, and more.
• Use third-party editing extensions to take your photo editing to the next level. 

Better surfing in Safari.
• Keep your favorite websites open, up to date, and easily accessible with Pinned Sites.
• Choose a font and theme for Reader, including Sepia and Night themes.
• Mute web page audio from the Smart Search field. 

Maps, now with Transit view.
• See transit lines and stations for select cities, including subway, train, bus, and ferry routes.
• Plan your trip based on when you want to leave or arrive.
• Research your trip on your Mac and share it to your iPhone or iPad for use on the go.

New fonts.
• Designed for Retina displays, beautiful system font San Francisco is crisp, clear and space efficient. 
• PingFang (苹方), the new Chinese system font, is designed for crisp readability in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
• Hiragana Sans, the Japanese system font, now features additional weights.
• Four new Japanese fonts let you add a personal touch to documents and presentations.

Improved input methods for Chinese and Japanese.
• Type Chinese more quickly with an improved character prediction engine and a smarter candidate window.
• Write multiple Chinese characters using the trackpad and the new, roomier Trackpad window.
• Live conversion automatically transforms Hiragana into written Japanese as you type.

Faster graphics with Metal.
• Enjoy faster, more efficient system-level graphics rendering.
• Experience a richer, more immersive gaming experience.
• Create content more quickly with accelerated high-performance apps.

Snappier performance for everyday tasks.
• Launch apps and switch between them more quickly.
• Access email and render PDFs more quickly.

Snaphack Removal Update

Snap-Hack Removal Update

If you had Snap-Hack, I’d recommend keeping it. It got pulled from the App Store recently, and who knows when or if it will ever come back. But what you can do, is get Snap-Hack LITE. It’s free and still up on the App Store. We recommend downloading it from iTunes on your computer so you can keep it and re-download it in the future if need be. Check out our video below!


SnapHack Removed

SnapHack Removed – Snapchat Update 2015

It appears that Snapchat is going after apps like Snap-Hack and asking Apple to remove them from the App Store. If you use apps like Snap-Hack often, then we recommend getting an alternative while you can, and keeping Snap-Hack if you already have it. Check out our video below about the removal of Snap-Hack and what you can do to keep it!

Channel Updates: Patreon

Channel Update: Patreon, Minecraft Servers, and More!

Hey everyone! Today we’re just going over a few things. First and foremost, ad blocking. With iOS 9, people are now able to block ads on their iPhones which is really hurting us as a small website. We rely on ads to pay our bills for the website and for our equipment. Since so many people are not blocking ads, we’re losing quite a large chunk of money. That’s where Patreon comes in. We know you hate ads. We hate them too. If you want to block ads, go for it. But please consider supporting us on Patreon if you do so. It would help us out a lot! In the future, if enough people donate, we’ll include cool goals! Maybe even hosting a Minecraft: Pocket Edition Server for Patreons. Check out our video below for more information!

iOS 9.1 New Features

What’s New in iOS 9.1 Public Beta 1?

iOS 9.1 was just recently sent out to public beta testers and here’s what’s new! You can now flip someone the middle finger via emoji! You can also send someone a burrito emoji, as well as others. iOS 9.1 lays the groundwork for some of the new features on the iPhone 6S. The most notable is the addition of the new emojis, though. So go check them out in the video below! If you want iOS 9.1 for yourself, either way until it’s officially released or sign up for Apple’s public beta system on their site.

iOS 9.1

Apple Releases iOS 9.1 Public Beta 1

Apple has just released iOS 9.1 Public Beta 1 for all of you testers out there! iOS 9.1 includes a lot of new features (and is about 1.4 GB download size). Features include but are not limited to: iPad Pro features, support for new accessories such as the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, and also support for Unicode 8. There are some awesome new emojis for you to check out including the middle finger, a burrito, and a unicorn face!

This is an OTA update, so if you’re a public beta tester, just go to Settings > General > Software Update and check it! It should be waiting for you.

As far as we know, iOS 9.1 will be released in November following the iPad Pro launch.

iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Announced by Apple with A9 Chip, 3D Touch, and 12 MP Camera

Today, Apple announced the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus at the “Hey Siri” media event in San Francisco. These new iPhones come jam packed with new technology like Apple’s A9 processor, M9 motion coprocessor, 3D Touch, a 12-megapixel rear camera, a 5-megapixel front camera, faster Touch ID, Live Photos, stronger glass, a new 7000 series aluminum, and a new Rose Gold color option.

If you want to get your hands on one of these new devices, you will be able to pre-order one beginning Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 12:01 AM.

You can find all of the information on Apple’s site, it’s jam packed with more information than is here, so check it out!