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🚨 HUGE Touch ID Issue on 2021 MacBook Pro // Touch ID Will Not Work When Charging with MagSafe! 🚨

Well, Touch ID does not work with the new 2021 M1 (M1 Pro or M1 Max) MacBook Pro unfortunately, when MagSafe is plugged in/the Mac is charging. Touch ID will only work when the laptop is unplugged. See the video below for more info and troubleshooting. 


2018 MacBook Pro THROTTLING? i9 2.9GHz 15″ Maxed Out

Is the MacBook Pro Throttling?

Is the 2018 15″ i9 MacBook Pro throttling its processor because of heat? We took a look at Dave2D’s video (aka Dave Lee) and it appears that his testing may have been a little bit misleading. From our tests we’ve conducted, we’ve found that the 2018 15″ i9 MacBook Pro doesn’t throttle that much, and when it does, it really just needs to have the fans kicked up.