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Channel Updates: Patreon

Channel Update: Patreon, Minecraft Servers, and More!

Hey everyone! Today we’re just going over a few things. First and foremost, ad blocking. With iOS 9, people are now able to block ads on their iPhones which is really hurting us as a small website. We rely on ads to pay our bills for the website and for our equipment. Since so many people are not blocking ads, we’re losing quite a large chunk of money. That’s where Patreon comes in. We know you hate ads. We hate them too. If you want to block ads, go for it. But please consider supporting us on Patreon if you do so. It would help us out a lot! In the future, if enough people donate, we’ll include cool goals! Maybe even hosting a Minecraft: Pocket Edition Server for Patreons. Check out our video below for more information!

Snapchat Secrets

Snapchat Secrets, Hacks, Tips + Tricks Part 3! [NO Jailbreak]

Today we’ve got part 3 of our Snapchat Secrets, Hacks, and Tips + Tricks series! These are the best of 2015. Check out our video below. Everything from saving snaps, saving videos, replaying snaps, unlimited text, and more. Check out the video below!