New Features in iOS 9

iOS 9

WWDC 2015 just wrapped up recently so we thought we’d break down all of the new features of iOS 9. Here they are in no particular order:

Keyboard Changes: Finally, all letters on the keyboard are changed to uppercase if you press the caps button, and lowercase if the caps button is not pressed. This will make it a lot easier for people to type when they know if they’re in caps mode or not.

iCloud Drive: iCloud Drive can now be enabled inside of the settings application. This will allow you to see everything in you iCloud Drive account.

Siri: Siri has an all new, super clean look! (Similar to that of the Apple Watch).

Notes: Apple has updated the Notes app and it includes better image support and a new sketching option. It’s got tons of new features and we think you’ll be using it a lot more with iOS 9.

Settings Search: You can now search anything in settings using the search bar at the top of it.

Contacts: Contacts are now stored in the Proactive menu by swiping right, rather than in the app switcher.

Side Switch: On iPhone you can now use the side switcher to mute the phone as usual, or to lock rotation.

Passcode: By default, if you’d like to set a new passcode, it will now prompt you for a 6 digit passcode rather than a 4 digit one. However, you can still change that and set a 4 digit one instead if you’d rather have that.

Find My Friends/Find My iPhone: These apps are now built-in and not 3rd party. You can also view Find My Friends via a Notification Center Widget.

Find My Friends iOS 9

Battery: Oh boy, there’s a lot to write for this one. Using the proximity sensor and ambient light sensors, the iPhone can now sense if it’s face down. If, say, it’s face down on a table and you receive a notification, the screen will not turn on, so it will waste less battery. Other enhancements include the fact that you’ll be able to get about 1 extra hour of usage on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus just from having iOS 9. On top of that, you can enable Low Power Mode to get up to 3 extra hours of battery life. In Low Power Mode, Mail is fetched manually, brightness and motion are reduced, network speeds may be reduced, and other things are lowered in the background to conserve even more battery.

iOS 9 Battery
iOS 9 Battery

Battery Settings: There’s a new section in the Settings app that is completely dedicated to battery. In this section, you can turn on the Low Power Mode, however you can also view which apps use the most or least amount of battery. Also, in Notification Center, you can now view the iOS device battery left as well as your Apple Watch battery power.


You can view our full video covering the Top 9 iOS 9 Features here:

We hope you enjoyed!

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