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Rox Fling

Rox Fling – Official Gameplay Trailer

Rox Fling

Rox Fling is a new app by Mars On A Stick. It combines rag doll physics and a bit of luck as you try to get your highest score. You can even see your friends’ scores as you try to get as far as you can. Below you’ll find Rox Fling’s Official Gameplay Trailer as well as the app’s description.

Rox Fling Official Gameplay Trailer

Rox Fling iTunes App Store Description:

‘Rox Fling’ is the ultimate physics based ‘fling em up.’ Rag-doll your way to victory and beat your friends!

Help Rox, hapless hero, recover all the stolen presents from the mischievous dinosaurs. Throw yourself across the tundra and bounce off dinosaurs in your wake!


● Crazy rag-doll physics action
● Find and collect as many stolen present as you can
● Upgrade your character to help you get ahead
● Choose from a range of crazy hats to wear
● Beautiful generated environments
● Connect with friends and see who can rag doll the furthest
● Complete a collection of Achievements – can you get them all?
● Day & Night mode changes as you play!
● Share wacky greetings with friends!


***** “…makes me laugh so hard and the game itself is super entertaining!”
***** “Cool idea and good design. Beautiful Interface, good job.”
***** “Good work. Lovely game. Amazing graphics. Highly challenging and addictive. Appreciate it.”

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