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Minecraft Pocket Edition Episode 1

Minecraft: Pocket Edition | Let’s Play – Episode 1 | The Beginning

Today we’re starting a brand new series for our Minecraft:Pocket Edition series! This is a Let’s Play series that will be fueled partly by viewers’ suggestions. Let us know what you’d like to see next and we might just do it! Stay tuned for episode 2 coming later today.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition v0.13.1

Minecraft: Pocket Edition v0.13.1 UPDATE | NEW CHRISTMAS SKINS

Mojang just released Minecraft: Pocket Edition v0.13.1 today and what does it contain? Holiday/Christmas Skins and bug fixes! Pretty boring, but hey, we’re committed to bringing you all every Minecraft update so we made a video below. Enjoy! Watch to see some of the skins!