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Fiz Fuz

Fiz Fuz – Streaming E-Marketing Tool – Press Release

FizStream launches Fiz Fuz for iOS

What makes you insecure the most about doing business on the Internet? Hackers? Scam artists? The big P is privacy concern. Here’s one. How about transparency? What if you could buy and sell on eBay in real-time with product and merchant visibility?

Fiz Fuz is for your iPhone or iPad. You sell and buy products live in a video streaming session or with a recorded video. You may chat with the seller, respond to potential buyers and even meet face to face with people who want to buy or sell products and services.

Forget email. I don’t know about you, but I hate waiting on pins and needles for my message to come through in the inbox. Email today is the snail mail of yesterday. Use Fiz Fuz on your next sale and make it inFiz Fuz real time streaming video chat or recorded video of product demonstrations.

The best thing about Fiz Fuz? It’s free. It is currently a free download from the iTunes App store.


It earns its revenue from a not-to-be-beat commission schedule. So you only pay for the service when you are actually making a sale. It is that simple. Actually, for now, we’re forgetting about the commission. So there is no charge to you, whatsoever.

Fiz Fuz is a social e-commerce experience. Buy and sell products live in a video streaming session, or with a recorded video. Chat with the seller, respond to potential buyers; meet face to face with people who want to buy and sell products and services. No need to wait for email responses, no need to figure out what the product really looks like. It’s here in front of you being demonstrated live. It is quite simply, hands down the best online buying experience.

Fiz Fuz by FizStream, LLC has the intelligence to change the online bidding auction and sales market. Among other expected affects, a tool to change the eBay and Amazon language. Now you can see the products you are buying online from a video on your phone. See the seller as well. Are you not the buyer? The effect works in reverse order as well! It is a real game-changer in the online auction industry.