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Purify Ad Blocker

If you’ve got iOS 9, you know you can block ads now. It’s great! But if you got Crystal ad blocker, ditch it and get Purify Blocker instead. Here’s why… whitelisting! Oh, and Purify’s dev isn’t a sell-out (as of this writing). Dean Murphy, the developer of Crystal has done some shady stuff, so it’s best to stay away from that app. Check out this app, Purify. It’s better, faster, and has way better features! Check out our overview below.


Purify iTunes App Store Description:

To celebrate the new iPhone 6s: ONE-TIME LIMITED TIME SALE!

The easiest native blocker for Safari on iOS gives you ultimate control and downloads pages an average of 4x faster.

No ads, no tracking — Purify is easy to install and works right out of the box.

Here’s why you’ll love Purify:

• Instantly browse an average of 4x FASTER

• Reduce your web data consumption on Cellular & Wi-Fi by an average of 50%

• Browse the web clutter-free — reclaim precious screen space

• Ultimate privacy: Purify eliminates tracking — and never intercepts or sees any of your traffic

… PLUS best-in-class, high-quality support. It doesn’t get any better.

Purify is a content blocker for Safari that blocks ads, tracking, and more. Purify’s professionally hand-crafted filter optimizes your browsing experience. With free regular updates, all users receive the best and latest of Purify at frequent intervals.

Purify gives you complete control: whitelisting with Purify is effortless — just a tap from within Safari.

Unlock powerful blocking options with unprecedented ease — you can easily choose to block:
• scripts
• custom fonts
• images

… and gain even more speed and data-usage benefits.

Take full control of your browsing experience now with Purify.

Some comments from users:

— “I’ve used every one of the content blockers so far and Purify is by far the best one.”
— “Practically instant page loads.”
— “Really makes mobile browsing great again.”
— “Love the simple experience.”
— “Take advantage of the much much better browsing experience.”
— “Installation was seamless… all ads are blocked and performance is stellar.”

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