It’s My Call! – iPhone App Demo

It's My Call!

If you’re looking for a laid-back style game to try your luck at being the CEO of a big company, It’s My Call by Everglade Ventures ltd might be just what you’re looking for. In this awesome text-based RPG style game, you get to make the tough decisions as CEO and see if you can keep the company afloat. You’re presented with 10 questions total, one at a time. After you read the situation, you have to decide which option (of two) will be the best for the company. Make the right decision, your profits increase. Make the wrong decision, they’ll decrease. At the end of the 10 questions, you’ll be presented with your net gains (or losses) in profit percentage. If you’re looking for a great iPhone game that you can sit back and play multiple times in one sitting, this is definitely the game for you! Check out our demo below.

Here’s It’s My Call!’s iTunes AppStore description:

Itsmycall makes the user a chief executive in a manufacturing company. The user is given the responsibility for running the business, by dealing with a number of real-life scenarios, each of which requires a decision. All the decisions have consequences which lead to new options and more decisions. The outcomes ultimately define the financial performance of the company, and therefore the success of the user’s management skills. The decisions made, along with time required, lead to a score which represents the increase (or decrease) in profitability as a result.

Check it out!

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