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  1. Matsushima is Dagelet(Ulleungdo) on the chart or watarway magazine.See here;1860.1861.1863.JAPAN  NIPON,KIUSIU & SIKOK  KOREA 「Japan is compiled from a Japanese Government Map1873(74?) (1873)1873. Hydrographic Office1878(1875) See:map @ P81894.

  2. thank you. this made me think about how my dreams have been changing too.i too had dreams over and over where I couldn’t move or scream. i haven’t had them for a while, but last week i had one a bit like that, except this time, for the first time, i could scream.

  3. jag följer vanligtvis över tio olika serier (grymt jobbigt ibland, haha!!) men har tyvärr missat the hills för att jag tittat på andra program då. så vad skulle inte göra min jul bättre än att få en the hillsbox? det är faktiskt precis vad jag önskar mig!

  4. I’m intrigued that in the U.S there is tax on , however I am impressed at the methods used above to lower the rate paid. I am lucky that in New Zealand we do not pay such a tax – however I am guessing company taxes are much higher here!

  5. Excellent life answers to help all of us. I relate to #1, I’m a little impulsive and when I find an idea that I want to use in my business I may rush into it, need to give it more thought and see results before I introduce it to my network. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Agreed Oswald.However, we must ultimately remember, we must never discuss the fact that boys and girls often like different things.Because acknowledging differences in the sexes is apparently sexist.You are all tools…well…except for Oswald and csrstr….

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