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Get a sponsored slot in one of our videos!

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Would you like to have your app, product, or service advertised in one of our videos? We offer companies the option to sponsor one or many of our videos. On top of this, we also offer companies the option to sponsor an entire video promotion for their product on our channel. We offer some of the best rates!
At just $50 per video, we offer you the chance to get your brand name out to hundreds if not thousands of viewers. The charge rate is about $.10 per view, and this is for an ad in the middle of the video that is 15 seconds long, plus a beginning starting the video with: “This video is sponsored by [insert your brand name here]”. In the middle of the video, it will break for the bulk of your ad placement such as a few screenshots or gameplay (if it’s an app) or website screen grabs. Whatever you’d like*! Prices are subject to change at any time, but we expect each of our videos you sponsor to get 500+ views, though that is not guaranteed.

View an example of a Sponsored Ad here! (Ads are shown at 0:04 and 1:16 for the main ad).

*Must be within reason and approval of iTouchAppReviewers manager.

**This is a very popular package and are published in the order we receive them. This product sells out quickly so grab it while you can!