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4 LED Bulbs Under $30

Get 4 LED Smart Bulbs For UNDER $30

Get 4 LED bulbs for under $30 right now. This is some of the best tech under $50 right now, even under $30. Make sure you get them while they’re at this awesome price! We’ve got a video review below that you can check out as well. They are Yang Csl bulbs. They have vibrant colors and a remote for each bulb. Check them out!

Finger Spinner

Fidget Spinner/Finger Spinner Review

You’ve heard of the Fidget/Finger Spinners by now, right? Of course you have, they’re becoming the hot new toy this Spring for some reason, apparently in schools a lot. Remember last year, the hover boards were the big thing? Well now it’s these fidget spinners/finger spinners. The good thing? They’re cheap. You can easily get one of these for like 5 bucks here.

If you do decide to pick one of these up, let us know down in the comments whether or not you think it was worth it or if you find these things relaxing. Enjoy! You can pick a fidget spinner/finger spinner up by clicking here!

Moobom DB-A8

Moobom DB-A8 Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard Review

Link to Moobom DB-A8 Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard:

This is a pretty good keyboard for the money. I wasn’t really sure what to expect for such a cheap keyboard. I was pretty pleasantly surprised with what I got. Is it the best keyboard out there? No. Will it get the job done for some gamers? I’d think so. There’s nothing too special about it besides the LED and decent key feel. The build is good, not great. The key feel is good for gamers, probably not so good for those who type a lot. The keys have a nice feel to them, as stated previously, but do not have a super satisfying click that you’d get on say, a Cherry MX Blue switch. These aren’t mechanical switches. They’re rubber dome switches which are very common.


What’s great about this keyboard are the LEDs. They look pretty damn good. There’s only 3 color combos, and the option to turn the LEDs off, but they still look great and even have a decent variety of modes (as explained in the video).

Overall, I like this keyboard a lot and it’s a great backup keyboard to have on hand, or to give to a gamer friend who wants a decent keyboard to do some MMORPG gaming and such.

I did receive this product free/discounted in return for my review. This is posted here. While I received this at a free/discounted price, this has not affected my opinions or review of the product. I treat it as if I paid full price of my own money. If a product is not good, I will state it.

Tepoinn iPhone 6 Wallet Case

Tepoinn iPhone 6 Wallet Case Review

Hey everyone,today we’re taking a look at the Tepoinn iPhone 6 Wallet Case. This case really can do it all. It can store your credit cards, cash, and iPhone, all in a stylish package. The case is made from faux-leather and a soft-touch rubber. It looks incredibly classy. It’s special because both the wallet portion of the case and the iPhone case itself feature magnets. This means the case can be mounted practically anywhere! It’s really neat. Check out our video review below!

Astro Speaker

Astro “Pure Audio” Portable Wireless Speaker Review

The Astro portable wireless speaker is not your average bluetooth speaker. It’s less. But sometimes less is more. What this speaker does differently is remove the need for software to change the audio coming from the speaker. There really isn’t any software that is altering the quality of the music coming from the speakers. This speaker utilizes simplicity. There is only 1 button on the entire device, which is used for On/Off.

The device has a loop on the left which can be used for either carrying the speaker or for tying it to something. There is a closed flap to cover the area where you can charge the device or to put in the 3.5 mm headphone input.

Overall, the sound quality that comes from these speakers is great. It sounds crisp and clear and is not ruined by software “enhancements”. If you’re looking for a true pure audio experience, check these out! Click here to be see how you can enter to get one for free!

Flexishield iPhone 6 Case Review

Flexishield iPhone 6 Case [Frost White] Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Flexishield iPhone 6 Case in the Frost White color.We really like this case due to its nearly-clear back, and its light weight. It’s flexible and has a small amount of lay-on-the-table design to it. It looks great on the iPhone 6 and really lets the beauty of the iPhone stay visible. Check out our video review below!


Olixar BoomBrick Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Olixar BoomBrick Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Hey everyone! Today we’re reviewing the Olixar BoomBrick Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This is a great speaker all around, but what really surprised us was the great bass that came from this little speaker. It is fully wireless but has a line-in jack on the back. It’s rechargeable and has a great build quality to it. Check it out!